Wild Wix Beer Glass Candle


These candles are handmade and produced in Charleston.  On the final burn of the candle, before the wax completely cools, take a fork or spoon and scrap the wick tab off bottom of the glass.  Use warm water and soap to wash glass, wipe clean & enjoy your favorite beverage in your new beer glass!

  • Your choice of the Kiawah or Ocean Course logo
  • Single wick candle
  • Scent: Kiawah Teakwood
    • Fresh Teakwood has a combination of leather, tobacco, amber and musk to create one of our most bold scents, popular with both sexes. The base of this scent is aged teakwood mixed with sandalwood and topped with other notes. Bold, but not overpowering – tone, nothing frou-frou about it.